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G Assignments


G Assignments is an applet for the Logitech G19s keyboard (and maybe others). It displays the names of functions assigned to the keyboard’s G keys on the keyboard’s LCD. The display is updated whenever the active keyboard profile or M-key mode is changed.

Since you can create profiles for any program (ie, not just games), your keyboard’s G-keys can be used in your word processor, web browser, Windows Explorer, etc. It’s like having an extra 36 function keys that can be programmed to do any sequence of keyboard or mouse actions. However, remembering up to 36 extra key assignments for each of your applications is pretty much impossible. But with G Assignments, you don’t have to remember: they’re listed on your LCD!


  • Automatic Profile Detection. The list of G-key assignments that is displayed changes automatically, whenever you change the active application profile or M-key mode.
  • Background Images. A background image can be displayed behind the list of G-key assignments. Different images can be displayed for each profile and (optionally) M-state. More…
  • Text Files. In addition to G-key assignments, user-generated text files (with optional background images) can be displayed on the LCD. Files are associated with the current application profile and (optionally) M-key mode. More…


  • LGS Conflicts. G Assignments runs the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) in a manner that the latter was not designed for, which could result in LGS hanging. More…
  • Profile Changes. The applet makes changes to your LGS application profiles. This could render them inoperable, meaning that you could lose your settings. Although the applet attempts to make back-up copies of any profiles it changes, you’d be mad not to keep your own backups somewhere safe. More…
  • Virus Alerts. G Assignments works by hooking into LGS in a similar manner to how some virus programs operate. As such, it may trigger an alert from your anti-virus software.
  • Uninstallation. There are a few tricks to uninstalling G Assignments. More…


You accept the risk that G Assignments could break your computer and/or stuff up its software, data, etc.

System Requirements

G Assignments has only been tested on Windows 7 64-bit, English, with Logitech Gaming Software version 8.51.5 running a G19s keyboard. It definitely won’t work on 32-bit systems, nor with B&W LCDs. Non-English character sets are likely to cause problems. The program assumes the existence of 12 G keys.


You must be logged into an account with administrator privileges, or be able to run an installer with administrator privileges, to install G Assignments.

Ensure LGS is installed and running.

Using LGS, export and save all of your LGS application profiles. This should be done for all users who plan to use G Assignments.

Download the installation file (2.1 MB) here:

Find the file you downloaded (“G Assignments Setup.msi”) and double-click it.

Follow the installation program’s instructions.

Run G Assignments from your Start Menu.

If G Assignments doesn’t start automatically, ensure that G Assignments is selected in LGS’ list of applets. You may also need to switch to it using your keyboard’s SETTING button.

G Assignments should detect that your LGS application profiles need to be modified to communicate with it. It will make the changes automatically, and will save backup copies of your original profiles in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software\Profiles (ie, something like C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Logitech\Logitech Gaming Software\Profiles). (This will have to be done by all users who use G Assignments.)

Further use of LGS at this stage (eg, changing profile assignments) could overwrite G Assignments’ profile changes, so LGS should be exited and restarted now. A dialog box will notify you of this. Follow these steps:

  • Exit LGS via the shortcut menu of its icon in the system tray’s notification area.
  • Restart LGS from the Start Menu.
  • Restart G Assignments from the Start Menu.

G Assignments largely obviates the need for LGS’s profile activation notifications. If you wish, you can disable such notifications from within LGS (Settings, Notification tab).


See the help file.


See the help file.

Release Notes

Version 1.5

  • Improved resilience if LGS throws an exception. This reduces the frequency with which G Assignments needs to suspend its operation.
  • Improved detection of obsolete assignments in profiles, as can occur when assignments are deleted.

Version 1.4

  • Avoided an unrequested exit when a profile couldn’t be read on the first attempt.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Increased robustness when reading LGS profile files (necessitated by recent changes to LGS).
  • Updated help file to include warnings about file deletion on LGS update or removal.


You can contact Gondwana Software here. Alternatively, try the Logitech ‘Scripting and SDK’ forum.